Slingshot appears in the App Store again. EXCLUSIVE SCREENSHOT

A banner of Facebook’s brand new app Slingshot – a Snapchat-like IM app – appeared in the Featured section of the App Store. This is not the first time that the app is “accidentally” unveiled. In fact earlier this week the app made it to the App Store, before being removed permanently. All these “accidents” should hint to an imminent release, probably between this weekend and next week.

This is my first tweet after the “discovery”:

Here’s the screenshot I managed to take from my iPhone – with iOS8 Beta 1 installed on it.


Honestly, is not an app I’m looking forward to download – as I never tried Snapchat either – and I probably won’t. This will make it the first Facebook app never downloaded on my iPhone, after having installed and tried also the least successful (and now removed from the App Store) Facebook Camera and Poke. Here is a tweet I wrote after the app made it to the App Store early on Tuesday:


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